Good things come in small packages is a saying that someone from Morton very easily could have come up with! Judging by the population sign on the edge of town, you’d be correct in categorizing Morton as not just a small town, but perhaps a super, small town. It may come as a surprise to many when you take a closer look past the population sign and see that businesses have chosen to not only start up in Morton, but also continue to operate and even expand their operations.

What’s perhaps more surprising is that these are anything but small, struggling, here today but maybe not tomorrow businesses. These are leader in their industry, nation and worldwide, thriving businesses. 

A few examples include Altimate Medical, a durable medical equipment manufacturer  best known for creating the EasyStand stander that supports the body in a standing position. 

For over twenty years, EasyStand has led the industry by creating unsurpassed standing technology for those with disabilities. Designed by a C6-7 quadriplegic, EasyStand’s line of standing frames have helped improve the quality of life for kids and adults who use wheelchairs worldwide!

The recent merger of Harvestland Cooperative and Coop Country into Farmward Cooperative could have meant a loss of one of the staples in the Morton business community. Instead, Farmward just completed and celebrated it’s recent expansion of it’s Morton site.  

“As a cooperative, Farmward understands the importance of investing in our rural communities, such as Morton.  It’s where our member-owners live, go to church, and send their kids to school.  By making these investments, we’re helping to ensure the success of our customers, as well as the communities they live in for many years to come.” –Jo Ann Gumto, Farmward Cooperative

The Morton Chamber is proud to have 18 businesses as members who represent the industries of healthcare, entertainment, technology, history and culture, finance and agriculture just to name a few,  and we celebrate the success of each one. So the next time you come to Morton and pass by the population sign I challenge you to thing BIG!

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Small Town, Big Business